Growing up in Seattle, Washington my first experiences with sculpture were creating people out of clay. The reactions I received were what inspired me to continue creating new work. Many things have changed in my life and I have grown as an artist but the reaction to my work is still a strong motivation.

I have found that challenging myself to learn new mediums and different processes has always been exciting. To me, creating sculpture is about expressing a thought or vision and solving the problem of how they translate into different materials.

I feel that in my sculpture there is always a balance between techniques that I know will work and experimentation. Understanding the materials and how far I can push them is very important. Certain materials tend to lend themselves to thin delicate forms and others need to remain fairly solid.

Often, when I am selecting a block of wood or stone to carve, the form is already revealing itself to me. This concept has been recorded throughout history by other sculptors as "releasing the form that is trapped within." I’m not sure what creates this sensation but it’s as if someone is telling me what to do and I just have to listen.

-Jake Bonnell